A race so ancient they are beyond vanity, beyond even death itself should that be their choice. They roam in places where the more capricious tendencies of a fickle firmament hold sway and it is within these unruly vortices that, unseen, they nurture lifeforms which surely would have flourished but for the galactic whimsies that have cast them there, bereft of hope and with naught to crave but a swift demise…

Tales of their exploits echo down through time, but gently, spun in the fashion of a spider’s web: insubstantial yet irrefutable. Herein are related but two.

The first begins upon a small but notable world. It is a world embroiled in great tumult, where environmental catastrophe beckons. Tradition though, especially when steeped in centuries, has scant regard for danger. It dictates that one hundred souls, brave and true (for the most part), should embark upon a PILGRIMAGE…

The manuscript for PILGRIMAGE is complete. The second and concluding book, FARSIDE, is well underway. This, THE SHIELD duology, together with THE STONE trilogy, will comprise a five-part series:-

Tales of the AES


The Shield DuologyThe Shield Duology


The Shield DuologyThe Shield Duology